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1. How can I purchase Consortium IDEROL?
2. How is made a part of the Consortium IDEROL monthly payment?
3. How will the Consortium IDEROL Contemplation?
4. How is the lottery?
5. Can I request exclusion from the lottery?
6. Can I make an advance payment of the installments?
7. How do I bid offer?
8. Can I use my vehicle used as a bid?
9. And if two people make a bid of equal value?
10. How is the value of light and heavy vehicles (cars, trucks and tractors), which will have the right credit card?
11. When it issued the letter of credit?
12. What happens when the value of the letter of credit is different from the value of the vehicle?
13. The Consortium IDEROL offers life insurance for contractors? What are the coverages?
14. How do I get information about my plan for the consortium?
15. If you can not go to the Assembly, how can I get information about the sweepstakes?
16. What guarantees will have to submit, when the removal of goods?